This program allows a family member to assist in their young skater’s development by giving hands-on assistance.  The Parent & Tot program follows the CanSkate curriculum, and introduces fundamental skating skills such as balance and gliding using fun interactive games and activities.  

  • Children participating in this program must be aged 2 or older. 
  • The family member assisting the skater must be at least 18 years of age and have basic skating skills (balance on two feet, move forward, stop, get down on the ice and get up independently). 
  • Both the skater and family member must wear CSA approved hockey helmets.
    • The skater (Tot) MUST also have a full facemask/cage properly installed on their hockey helmet
    • The family member (Parent) must be able to provide proof of passing CanSkate Stage 5 to be exempt from wearing a hockey helmet. Parent must supply their own equipment. 
    • Family member/Parent must have HARD/WALKING skate guards, to ensure safe exit from the building in the event of an emergency. Gloves are mandatory and warm, waterproof layers are recommended.

Both the skater and family member must also be registered with Skate Canada.  To register for this program, select first the PARENT – Parent&Tot then the TOT – Parent&Tot programs in the online registration system.

Updated August 15, 2023