Program Assistants

What is a Program Assistant?

Program Assistants are members of the Ancaster Skating Club who help teach our younger skaters in the PreCanSkate, CanSkate, Advanced CanSkate, Teen/Adult, Parent & Tot, and CanPowerSkate programs. PAs can be seen in their red fleece vests on these sessions working with younger skaters under the direction of our professional coaches. To qualify to assist as a PA skaters must be at least 10 years old with the ability to demonstrate basic skating skills (ie, must have passed at least two STAR tests), and must have attended the orientation / training session provided by the Ancaster Skating Club. Program Assistants can receive community service hours towards their high school curriculum, or if not in high school, can receive credits towards registration fees in the following year.

What skillset is needed to PA?

Program assistants should be:

  • Good communicators and demonstrators
  • Enthusiastic and creative
  • Team players and good role models
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Patient
  • Punctual, prepared and organized
  • Able to lead groups, encourage skaters and offer praise
  • Able to keep skaters moving while having fun

What is the role of a program assistant?

Under the direction of the Skate Canada Coaches, a PA’s role may include:

  • Assisting or leading warm-ups, group activities and cool-downs
  • Assisting with setting up/cleaning up pylons/signs on circuits and stations
  • Leading circuits, rotations, exercise, drills, learning activities and creative expression
  • Demonstrating proper execution of skating skills
  • Aiding skaters who may have additional needs
  • Taking attendance
  • Collecting nametags
  • Timing speed skills
  • Providing general assistance to the coaches on the session
  • Providing encouragement and general feedback to skaters
  • Assisting with tracking of skill acquisition

Interested in becoming a Program Assistant?  Sign up through the ASC Google Form for the Club’s free on-ice training session scheduled for Saturday, September 16th from 9:00-10:00 am at Morgan Firestone Arena. SKATERS MUST REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION PRIOR TO ATTENDING.